The tides of change are washing onto unstable shores. Ominous tidings come from the forgotten East, and friends will be tasked in their duty to each other, and the realm! Watch, as Griim, Dorgal, Blunt, Mathias, Tthrack, Jesska, and Anakronox make haste against the sands of time in an effort to beat back a foe the scope of which they do not yet realize

Meet the brave heroes:

Griim – Gnome rogue

Happy go lucky, with a killer twinkle in his eye and a light skip in his step, Griim is the embodiment of the mischievous side in us all. Quick with his tongue, lock-pick, and twin daggers, Griim is your man for tales at the town tavern as well as covert assassinations of your worst enemies. All in the name of “hey! works for me!” Griim sets about each adventure, and every mundane task with playful jests and mercilessly sharp daggers pointing him in the right direction.

Dorgal – Gray Orc cleric

Woe unto the disciples of the God Ilmater. They inflict suffering and undue hardship unto themselves to lessen the burden on others in the realms. Magnanimous, bold, and infinitely kindred, Dorgal is the spiritual center of our intrepid band. His unwavering faith bolstering our friends in battle, and easing their suffering. Master of the understatement, and uncrowned king of horrible timing, Dorgal is a half man with a plan.

Blunt – Earth Genasi fighter

Blunt is to (blank) as blank is to the mind. Simultaneously an expert warrior and unrivaled dimwit, Blunt forms the backbone of the cause of good by virtue of not knowing better than to serve it. Aided by the intelligent artifact sword (name), Blunt is a capable, and stoic defender of the realm and his comrades, provided one of them has managed to point him in the right direction. Always good for a laugh, and even better as a meat shield, Blunt charges where other men waiver in the face of danger.

Mathias – Human wizard (red wizard)

Miles above the petty patter of lesser men, Mathias stands lonely at the top. His self-imposed isolation as much a means to delve more deeply into the arcane as to release him of social obligations and small talk. Teetering on the knife’s edge of fervent dedication and manic obsession, Mathius wields power like no other, and is not one for taking prisoners for questioning. One less dead fool, is one less fool, and a day well spent. Gruff, rough around the edges, and more than a little imposing, Mathius forms the walking artilery of this 7-man army.

Tthrack – Orc fighter

An outcast of orcish society for the crime of being able to form coherent thoughts and speaking those thoughts out loud, Tthrack is the unlikely adventurer. Destined to be shunned (if not attacked outright) everywhere he goes, Tthrack is like the philosopher whose unpopular ideas forced him to emphasize common sense and reason with the business end of an axe. A natural, albeit unlikely leader, Tthrack aids our friends when their need is dire, and the life of a farmer grows increasingly mundane.

Jesska – halfling rogue

This tavern wench is more likely to shank would-be suitors than converse with them, much less give them what they want. Not above laughing at the folk she meets instead of with them, Jesska is like the flame flickering in the wind. Small, hot, and capable of burning down your house.

Anakronox – Half Dragon barbarian (gold dragon)

But a petulant adolescent when cast to the world to “grow up,” Anakronox is like the northern winds. Ever unpredictable, uncompromising, and notoriously dangerous. Stronger than most Ogres, and more aggressive than a mongoose in a snake pit, Anakronox is promise of a painful death, and problematic introductions.

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